Welcome Home!

Welcome to my blog. I’m Kevin and I enjoy knitting and crocheting. It relaxes me after a hard day at work. It allows me to be in the fray with my kids and wife without getting frazzled. It gives me an opportunity to do something with my hands rather than sitting idle and staring at the boob tube. It keeps me off of social media, which keeps me from losing hours of time “doing nothing.” Last, but not least, it is a means for me to earn extra income so I can take the family out once in a while without busting the budget.

I work with my hands all day laying floors. When I come home, I find myself needing something to “do.” Surfing IG and Facebook is not enough, nor is it fulfilling. But making hats and scarves and blankets and other things for the wife and kids, for charity, and for others who enjoy the finer things of life such as unique handmade items that they won’t see on a hundred other people does. So I took up knitting. Fell absolutely in love because I had something to do with my hands that would eventually become something beautiful. A gift to give to put a smile on someone’s face, like when I finish reflooring someone’s home and watching them light up at the transition from old floors to new.

Then I wanted to learn to crochet. Everyone said it’s faster than knitting, which meant I would be able to churn out more things more often. Someone’s always asking me to make them something… So, I taught myself to crochet just like I taught myself to knit. I’m a crocheting beginner and an intermediate/advanced knitter. This blog is dedicated to both.

Most importantly, this blog is dedicated to sharing my love for knitting and crocheting. It is for the absolute beginner and the expert alike. I hope you decide to journey with me as I further explore my love of these fiber crafts.

Kevin's First Crochet Project - A Dishcloth
My First Crochet Project – A Dishcloth